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Welcome. Thank you for an interest in our products. If you are an expert or experienced fiberglass repairman, please order. If you are new to fiberglass, or want to avoid paying a fiberglass repair main, please read the Hand Lay Up guide under the Articles section of the website. Some repairs are relatively simple. Others are not! Only you can decide. We cannot be responsible for your work!


These chemicals are offered for professional use, not for the general public. These chemicals have hazardous properties. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with each chemical's particular hazard. Some are flammable, toxic, reactive, or a combination of these. Law requires proper handling and storage. Keep away from heat or sources of ignition. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. *** Keep these and all chemicals out of the reach of children. FedEx C.O.D. Charge per package Hazmat Charges Apply To order: Call 800-247-1117 or Fax 978-874-2788 Between 8 A.M. & 5 P.M. - Monday through Friday We accept - American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Cash in advance. **Prices Subject to change without notice.** Russell P. Cook, Sales Manager