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About Us

Advance Coatings Co. located at 42 Depot Road, Westminster, MA, celebrated its 70th year in business in 2009. Founder Russell Phillips Cook started making furniture coatings in his basement in Fitchburg, MA in the 1930's. He moved production to Westminster, MA and in 1939 he incorporated. Over the years, the company broadened its product line. Cosmoline, which was used as a rust preventer, was in large demand in WWII as America shipped all kinds of military equipment and firearms to Europe and the South Pacific. Nitrocellulose based coatings were used on paper and metal. Paper plates and wall coverings, as well as metal cans were just some of the end products. Rubber based adhesives were also produced and a plasticizer for nylon which was used to make toothbrush bristles soft. In the 1950's, the Company started to produce a new product line which was polyester and fiberglass resins. This is the main product of the company today. Advance Coatings Co. makes many resin types such as isophthalic, orthophthalic, DCPD and fire retardant chemical resistant low hap. It also makes a gelcoat line and the dispersions which go along with them. Their resin and gelcoats go into many different uses such as boats, showers, cultured marble sinks, flagpoles, car parts, tanks, figurine, flooring and architectural uses. One interesting note of a resin's use is for syntactic foam which is used by Electric Boat of Groton, Ct. It was used in the production of the nuclear subs as a hull reinforcement. In fact, most, if not all of the subs produced on the East Coast have resin made in Westminster in their hulls. The Company presently has 25 employees. All but 2 live in the Montachusett area. The only constant is change and every new year brings challenges. So far, we have been able to meet these challenges through the hard work of our employees, 8 of who have been here over 20 years of service. Advance Coatings Co. plans to remain in Westminster and continue meeting these challenges. Mark L. Cook, President