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Resin Products

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Polyester Resin (Flammable Red Label):

Orthophthalic, non-sag, medium viscosity, general purpose, laminating or finishing (Wax or no Wax - see instruction sheet). Most commonly used polyester for Fiberglass work.

Isophthalic Polyester Resin (Flammable Red Label):

More resistant to corrosive environments and high temperatures. More impact resistant also. Used in construction of molds, chemical and fuel tanks. Excellent resistance to water permeation.

Aqua Shield Iso-TMPD Polyester Resin (Flammable Red Label):

Does everything and much more than regular Isopolyester. A premium polyester, offers vinyl ester performance for much less money.

Fireshield Low Emission Resin (Flammable Red Label):

Fire Retardant Class 1 Resin

Vinyl Ester Resin(Flammable Red Label):

The ultimate resin for fiberglassing: Superior water, chemical resistance, elongation and physical properties.

Hull & Deck Putty (Flammable Red Label):

Inside a Hull and Deck Putty 5 Gallon PailPolyester putty reinforced with milled glass. Shapes and spreads nicely - vasoline like consistency.

10197 Adhesive Putty (Flammable Red Label):

Bonding putty for polyester resins.

Farring Putty (Flammable Red Label):

Farring Putty canLightweight putty, sands easily. Not glass reinforced. Used to get a smooth sub surface.

Catalyst (Oxidizer Yellow Label):

Hardener for Polyester Resins and Gelcoats. MEKP 9% active oxygen.

* Note: Over 8 oz. cannot be shipped UPS * Always do a trial run if you are unsure amount of catalyst. * See catalyst chart in Articles section*

Surfacing Agent (Flammable Red Label):

Add to no wax resins and gelcoats for tack free cure on final coats. Add 5% to resins and gelcoats. *Note - see surfacing agent pitfalls in Hand Lay Up guide.

Mold Release

Paste wax.

Styrene (Flammable Red Label)

Excellent thinning agent for use with polyester resins and gelcoats. Used to wipe down cured waxed resin to remove wax.

Thixotropic Powder:

Used to thicken polyester resins and gelcoats to desired viscosity (Konasil, Cabosil, Aerosil)


Inexpensive filler for making a sandable putty. Add up to 40% by weight.

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Flammable Red Label):

PVA sprays onto molds and works as a release agent. Also, sprayed onto no wax gelcoat as an air inhibitor. * Comes in Clear and Red. Both are Water Soluble for Easy Clean Up.


Mix with resins to make lightweight, easy to sand and work with farring compounds.

Acetone (Flammable Red Label):

Solvent for easy clean-up. * Caution: Very Flammable! *