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Gelcoats Products

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Gelcoat (Flammable Red Label):

NPG-ISO Polyester White or Clear; Wax or no Wax used for final color coat; Can be tinted with Pigment Dispersions to obtain desired colors.

- Custom Color Matches Upon Request - Please call -

Tooling Gelcoat (Flammable Red Label):

Sandable Gelcoat (Flammable Red Label):

Easily sandable gelcoat. Use under urethane paints (Awlgrip, Imron, etc...).

Poly Paint (Flammable Red Label):

Poly Paint canSpecial extra hard gelcoat. Surface dries without wax. MUST BE USED ABOVE WATER LINE. Cures smoother but hard to sand. Great for making or repairing molds. Clear, White, Black, and Orange ** Color Matches Available **

Pigment Dispersion (Flammable Red Label):

For tinting polyester resins and gelcoats. ** CAUTION: Use Sparingly **