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Putty Products

For prices, please contact us. For a brief overview, read below. For details on each product, please click each respective link.

Hull & Deck Putty (Flammable Red Label)

Inside a Hull and Deck Putty 5 Gallon PailPolyester putty reinforced with milled glass. Shapes and spreads nicely - vasoline like consistency.

10197 Adhesive Putty (Flammable Red Label)

Bonding putty for polyester resins.

Farring Putty (Flammable Red Label)

Farring Putty canLightweight putty, sands easily. Not glass reinforced. Used to get a smooth sub surface.

Catalyst (Oxidizer Yellow Label)

Hardener for Polyester Resins and Gelcoats. MEKP 9% active oxygen.

* Note: Over 8 oz. cannot be shipped UPS * Always do a trial run if you are unsure amount of catalyst. * See catalyst chart in wiki*

Acetone (Flammable Red Label)

Solvent for easy clean-up. * Caution: Very Flammable! *